Precision titanium soap bubble pipes made in the USA

Photo by bikeblognyc.com
RiderPipe precision soap bubble pipes are CNC machined in the USA from grade 2 commercially pure titanium. The form was inspired by old school BMX and mountain bike cranks and the piece was designed by a NYC based bicycle artist and industrial designer. Pure titanium is the ideal material for this application due to its strength, lightweight, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, non-toxicity, elemental purity and neutral flavor. Also it won't break in your pocket when shredding.  Check out our latest review http://www.bikeblognyc.com/titanium-is-the-new-soap-bubble-maker/

Length is approx 2.7" and the bowl is approximately 3/8" in diameter. Dry weight is about 35 grams. A slightly reduced bowl size creates a more pleasant and effective bubble blowing experience. The stem has a large bore, engineered for improved airflow and for easy removal of soapy residue. RiderPipe is perfect for personal bubble blowing on the go and for sharing a couple of bubbles with friends. It's finger sized, very light weight and slips easily into a jeans coin pocket.

Larger prototype with the bicycle crank that  inspired the form.

RiderPipe is supplied with an airtight container and a ballistic nylon belt sheath for convenient and rapid deployment. For cleaning, pointed cosmetic applicators or Q-Tips and alcohol work great.
Photo by bikeblognyc.com

Photo by bikeblognyc.com
$140 each. For inquires or purchase: riderpipemeister@gmail.com

For soap bubble use only!  Not intended for any illegal use.

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